The {start a blog} Project

There are several ways I have thought to introduce this blog and myself and I haven’t settled on any one in particular, prepare for rambling and run-on sentences.

I am a husband and father of two beautiful little humans. My job forces me into a tightly confined mental space for approximately 6 months a year and, consequently, during my “off-season” my brain roams far and wide through topics of discovery. I find a multitude of subjects that tickle my fancy every fall. Some I’ve stayed with over the years (running, cooking, fitness, reading) others have passed by, either victim of a lack of skills to comprehend them (Raspberry Pi and learning to code) or the necessary time to develop the skills was more than my schedule could bear.

I started this blog because I have so many ideas of “things I want to do/make/learn”. It’s my way to keep me motivated to follow through and I way for me to document the challenges and successes.

I make zero claims to being an expert and I guarantee you that, as is my way, I will often find the hardest way to do something and then fiercely continue along that path until I have my own personal “Eureka!” moment (I don’t like asking for help much but I’m the first to admit when I don’t know something).

I hope you visit often and find something meaningful, or humorous, or maybe even inspiring.